Our Financial consultants are qualified Chartered Accountants with extensive experience in commerce and both internal and external assurance service provision

We provide a full suite of independent services including the following:

  • Full M&A Project management from cradle to grave. (incl timelines and the key deliverable dates)
  • Financial & Legal due diligence and management of the data room and finance reports
  • Managing JSE M&A requirements
  • Equity Carve outs
  • Incubation's
  • Valuations and financial modelling
  • Developing Investor slide decks
  • Preparing and presenting to Investment Committees & Report Backs to Clients
  • Optimal financial structuring, and
  • Fundraising.
We work in the following industries:
  • Funds
  • Technology
  • Healthcare including pharmaceutical
  • Telecommunication's
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
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